Follow Our Showing Tips

Your team at Jim Shaffer and Associates is qualified and ready to help you prep your home for showing, but we'll still need a little effort on your end. Here's some expert advice to get you started:


Always be walk-through ready

The key to getting your home seen by the most buyers possible is to be as accommodating as you can to their schedules. This may mean opening your doors at a moment's notice.

Stay on top of simple repairs

Replace badly broken door handles, molding or faucets. Paint and touch up where needed. Replace light bulbs.

Don't overthink it

No need to go hog wild with the latest interior decorating trends. Keeping your home neat and tidy will go a long way toward making a great impression. Declutter, keep floors vaccummed and countertops clean, and freshen up the front entry so buyers love your home the moment they walk in. 

Put yourself in the buyer's shoes

And then place those shoes neatly in a closet ;-) What would make you fall in love with a home? What would make you walk - or run - away?

Kitchens and baths sell homes

A dirty or messy bathroom or kitchen can be an instant deal-breaker for many buyers. Make sure the countertops are tidy and clear of clutter and the floors and fixtures are nice and clean.